About Free Folder Hider?


Almost every computer user keeps

files that are personal, private and

confidential, or important to be

preserved as undeletable. You may

have files that are inappropriate

for kids or other family members,

or files with valuable information

that can be stolen. Such files and

folders need security protection so

that intruders or unauthorized

users cannot access, read, view,

copy, move or delete them.

Free Folder Hider can hide and

password-protect your files, folders,

pictures, and documents in seconds.

This program only hide the folders,

not encrypt the files, you no need

to worry about lost files because of

forget the password or Windows

system crash.



  How to Use?


  New:    Pre-Printed Paper Form & Barcode Over Printer

Use barcode label to identify your printed files

 - Free Barcode Software